2017: a return to kyoto

this is a video from a point-of-view perspective that i took while walking around the kyoto imperial palace grounds.  it was during a solo visit to japan at the end of 2017.  it was cold and snowing.

i had visited japan in the [northern hemisphere] spring of 2013; during the cherry blossom season.  though i was not solo at that time.

my supposed purpose in going to kyoto in 2017 was to undertake the rakuyo 33 pilgrimage route.  to this end, before i went, i roughed up a little web site to help guide me around the densely packed city of kyoto (rakuyo33.info if you are interested).

i completed this pilgrimage, on foot, and often in snowy conditions, over a period of six days.

however, my actual reason for going to kyoto was a bit different.  i wanted -- or perhaps, needed -- to revisit the grounds of the kyoto imperial palace.

in search of someone.  i guess.

this is a story from these two journeys.  maybe it's about impermanence.  maybe it's about attachment.  maybe it's about detachment.  maybe it's just stuff that happens.

this video is best listened to using headphones, to take advantage of the binaural effects.  i recommend turning up the volume to hear and feel the ambient sounds.