Gary Dean

Who am I? And how exactly did I get here?

Gary Dean
Gary Dean in Amsterdam, with mysterious woman in the background

I am a hominid male, born in Perth, Australia, in the pre-Sputnik era.  My recent racial origins are British Isles/Northern Europe.  Ultimately, of course, we are all from Africa.

I have lived most of my life in South East Asia, and migrated to Indonesia in 1996, which is where I now live.  I am an Indonesian citizen.

Personality wise, I am, it seems, a Gemini, a Rooster, and an INFJ.

Oh, and why not, while we're at it, here, download my genome.

I have a many attachments to children, grand-children, wives, companies, and felines.  One of the cats is named Cimon (Chee-mon), who is all white, except for one yellow and one blue eye.  I have had Cimon for about 6.945911 years now.

My current role models are Robert Sapolsky, Siddhattha Gotama, Germaine Greer, and Pa Kettle.

Apart from my everyday business activities, I think about, study, and do a few other things.  Below is a list of my current interests-study-activity, with wiki links provided for unfamiliar words/terms, and so it is clear what I am referring to when using these words/terms.

If you have offers of input, insight, collaboration, or business in these or related areas, please contact me.

This is a list of areas that I have acquired some knowledge and experience over the years.

Sociology & Politics

  • Broad knowledge in human cultures, political systems and international relations.
  • Specialist knowledge of cultures, history and politics of Maritime Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia.
  • Fluent in spoken and written Indonesian.
  • Substantial knowledge and understanding of political processes and governmental structures.
  • Proponent of open political systems and open technologies.
  • Proponent of secularized dharmic assumptions and practices.


  • Computer applications programmer (php, SQL, bash, C).
  • Linux system administration and scripting.
  • Open Source activist providing material and moral support to individuals, groups and government for the use of open technologies, in particular open source software.


  • Broad knowledge in animal husbandry, in particular ruminants.
  • Special interest in controlled-environment food production systems, in particular hydroponics, aquaponics and invertebrate protein production.
  • Special interest in human evolutionary biology.


  • Knowledge and understanding of socio-cultural issues in management and communication.
  • Development of culturally appropriate organisational and administrative systems.
  • Decades of experience as a business and management consultant in Asia, Indonesia most prominently.
  • Experienced in interacting with Indonesian government and bureaucracy, directly and effectively at all levels.


1996-2000 | Bachelor of Asian Studies
  • Murdoch University | Perth, Australia
    Four-year specialist degree programme in Indonesian studies minoring in politics and international relations.  Including one year full-time coursework at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, in Indonesian, with one semester in the Faculty of Economics, and one in the Faculty of Social and Political Science.
1995-1996 | Diploma of Social Science
1983-1984 | Associate Diploma of Agricultural Technology
1981-1982 | Certificates in Animal Technology and Animal Nursing
  • Bentley Technical College | Perth, Australia
    Husbandry of many various species used in medical research, and management of animal laboratories.

2013 | Founder | Yayasan Teknologi Terbuka Indonesia
2008 | Member | Linux Foundation