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Sociology & Politics

  • Strong interest in human cultures, political systems and international relations.
  • Specialist knowledge of the cultures, history and politics of Maritime Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia.
  • Fluent in spoken and written Indonesian.
  • Substantial knowledge and understanding of political processes and governmental structures.
  • Strong proponent of open political systems and open technologies.
  • Strong interest in secular dharma.


  • Sound understanding of cultural issues in management and communication, and skilled in development of culturally appropriate organisational and administrative systems.
  • Two decades experience as a business and management consultant in Indonesia.
  • Highly experienced in interacting with Indonesian government and bureaucracy directly and effectively at all levels.


  • Computer applications programmer (php, SQL, bash, C).
  • Linux system administration and scripting.
  • Open Source activist providing material and moral support to individuals, groups and government for the use of open technologies, in particular open source software.


  • Knowledge of animal husbandry, in particular ruminants.
  • Strong interest in controlled-environment food production systems, in particular hydroponics/aquaponics.

Bachelor of Asian Studies

  • Murdoch University, Perth, Australia; 1996-2000.
    Four-year specialist degree programme in Indonesian studies minoring in politics and international relations. Including one year fulltime coursework at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, in Indonesian, with one semester in the Faculty of Economics, and one in the Faculty of Social and Political Science.

Diploma of Social Science

Founder, Forum Ubuntu Indonesia

  • Founder Forum Ubuntu Indonesia in 2009, to promote the use of the Ubuntu operating system, and Open Source software generally. Organise and finance promotional seminars and workshops at least twice a year. Currently over 30,000 registered members.

Founder, Yayasan Teknologi Terbuka Indonesia

Member, Indonesian Open Source Association

Member, Linux Foundation