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Indonesia 2020: Consolidate, and Respond
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Indonesia 2020: Consolidate, and Respond

 – An open letter to my friends and clients in Indonesia.

The global economy has taken a blow, with volatility in exchange rates and commodity prices and mass unemployment. National monetary authorities have adjusted their predictions for economic growth in 2020-2021, with negative growth expected in 2020 and 2021. Many governments are implementing exceptionally large stimulus packages. As the international response continues to develop, we know that small and medium sized businesses in particular are facing significant challenges, to which they need to respond appropriately. No business in Indonesia will escape completely unscathed as a result of the pandemic. Businesspeople are planning and taking defensive actions in order to protect their customers, clients, employees, and themselves. Economic stimulus measures being implemented by the Indonesian government are targeting the economically weakest in the population, and this shou